Caspian Terns

Nick nickspang at
Sat Jun 2 16:46:36 PDT 2001

Hello fellow birders,

We are on the lookout for flocks of caspian terns. I work with Oregon State
University and Real Time Research ( on a study
utilizing a barge as a nesting colony site for the terns in Commencement
Bay, WA. Due to political reasons the barge was retired two days ago and
around 300 terns were evicted, along with 1000 eggs. We are now trying to
find where the terns move to. If you see a large flock of caspian terns in
Western Washington could you please send me an email with date, time,
location, and any behaviors you can note. Especially nice would be any
color band information you could provide.

Thank you for your help!

Nick Spang
Browns Point, WA

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