Orcas Island Report

Gayle Benton gbenton at rockisland.com
Mon Jun 4 11:54:07 PDT 2001

Hi Tweets,
Unfortunately I had to leave the island for 2 days after the Lazuli appeared
in my yard (Thursday)and I've not seen or heard him since I got back - have
not spent much time looking or listening, however. Will try and get at it.
In the meantime, I got an email reporting a sighting of a Rose-breasted
Grosbeak in Olga (on Orcas Island) on Saturday evening, but it hasn't been
seen since. There is no mention of any sightings ever in the Lewis and
Sharpe book of this grosbeak on the islands. Does anyone have more up to
date information? Thankyou.
Gayle Benton
Eastsound, Wa
gbenton at rockisland.com

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