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Diann MacRae tvulture at halcyon.com
Mon Jun 11 09:48:44 PDT 2001

Hi, Tweets - thought some of you might enjoy this. Diann

>Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:15:50 +0200

>À : UK Birdnet (E-mail) <ukbirdnet at dcs.bbk.ac.uk>

>Date : lundi, juin 11, 2001 09:59

>Objet : [UKBN] Did you see...?



>>I caught the end of a programme last night on the BBC which demonstrated

>>spectacular views of a Peregrine stooping from 10,000 ft (released from a

>>hot air balloon) and reaching speeds of up to 180 mph.

>>There then followed lots of slo-mo shots of Peregrines in flight whilst the

>>commontator eulogised about what a marvellous bird the Peregrine is - pity

>>then that they actually showed film of a Hobby!!



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