Jack Kintner kintner at nas.com
Mon Jun 11 10:24:23 PDT 2001

I put out the newspaper for recycling this morning and the sports section
with the picture of Ray Bourque holding the Stanley Cup was on top and a
nesting pair (site's in my front yard) of Northwestern crows landed on it
looking for food but noticed the photo and, like everyone else, got a
little choked as well. I knew they were intelligent birds, but hockey fans?

At 12:26 PM 6/11/01 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi Tweets:


>On Sunday, while driving along Ben Howard Rd., off the

>Monroe-Duvall/Carnation Rd, I saw what I thought was an unusual sight. There

>were 9 Common Ravens circling high in the morning thermals. Also saw a

>Pileated Woodpecker and a Bald Eagle along the route.


>Joyce Meyer

>Woodinville, WA

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