Scrub Jays near Centralia

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Tue Jun 12 19:01:20 PDT 2001

You can see them regularly around the First United Methodist Church in
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> Yes Guys! They are here. There are several of us that have been trying

> to impress that on you for a couple of years now. I have one definate

> pair, perhaps a second nesting on our property. They are a constant

> presence on our suet feeders. Actually watched a cranky, very

> territorial red wing attempt to keep them away from the feeders for

> awhile this spring. It didn't work. The long and the short of it is

> you don't have to go all the way to Longview to see Scurb Jays - I've

> seen them as far north as Olympia with regularity and I don't doubt they

> are probably much further north than that. I think people on this sight

> have even reported them in Snohomish county. I believe them. After

> all, a relatively large, loud, blue & white/grey bird agressively

> cruising all over you property is a little hard to mistake for something

> else.


> Diane Martin

> Chehalis


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