Eagles & fish crows on Lake Washington

Aubert, Steve Steve.Aubert at METROKC.GOV
Wed Jun 13 16:49:49 PDT 2001

This is a follow-up to the fish eating crow theme. Feel free to stop now
if you have had enough of the whole thing.

Our water quality team was sampling the North end of Lake Washington today.
I saw crows picking up and eating small fish in Union Bay, Kenmore, Juanita
Bay and Yarrow Bay. At our Yarrow Bay site someone has moored a beautiful
racing sailboat about 60 feet long. While station keeping for the sampling
operation I was able to glass crows eating small spiny fish at about 20 feet
on the deck of this boat. The fish look like the sticklebacks I see in
the ship canal where our laboratory is located. The cleanup will not be

Martin Muller suggested that the Bald Eagles I saw on a log in Union Bay
were bathing. Makes sense to me. I now think of it as the "bathing log".
There was a mature eagle there this morning on our way out. We saw an
immature bird at Kenmore and then two more immature birds working Juanita
Bay. One grabbed something very small from the water about 100 feet from
the boat. Or perhaps it missed this time.

Question for you eagle experts. Would a bird of this size expend it's
energy collecting three inch fish if there was a good supply? I was
thinking of wolves existing on field mice in "Never Cry Wolf".

Anyway it was a beautiful day on the lake. Steady binocs to you all.

Steve Aubert
email: steve.aubert at metrokc.gov

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