Chelan County Birding

David Beaudette drtbrdr at
Wed Jun 13 20:34:10 PDT 2001

Today, June 13, I birded in Chelan County. The Leavenworth Eastern Phoebe
was easy to find. It was sitting on the bridge to Blackbird Island and
frequently vocalizing. Blackbird Island was full of Veeries,Catbirds, Yellow
Warblers. A Western Garter Snake was seen swimming in the water below the
bridge to the island.
Then I headed to Wenatchee...
An adult Arctic Tern in breeding plumage was sitting along the shore of the
Columbia River with a Caspian Tern and some Ring-billed and California
Gulls. It was seen near the south end of Confluence State Park at the
boundary with Walla Walla Park. I parked at Walla Walla Park and then walked
the trail along the river towards Confluence State Park.
Four species of flycatchers were seen at Confluence State Park..Western
Wood-Pewee, Eastern and Western Kingbirds and Say's Phoebe.
At the Horam Natural Area at the south end of Confluence State Park were 15
Western Painted Turtles and another Western Garter Snake.

Good Birding or whatever you want to call it,
Dave Beaudette
drtbrdr at

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