More alcids and a small white tern

Mike Patterson celata at
Fri Jun 15 11:50:44 PDT 2001

South Jetty of the Columbia River, Clatsop Co., OR
15 June 2001  0840-1000hr

I walked out on the jetty to the large washout just before
the bend this morning (about 1km out from the river beach).
The SOOTY SHEARWATERS were much farther out this morning, but
there were still many alcids including a couple of strange

I saw a single small, black and white alcid with dark underwings
and (apparently a white throat).  It landed on the water, so I got
a pretty good look.  I also saw 3 individual black and white alcids 
that appeared to be white on the belly (including flanks) and lower 
breast, but hooded.  One of these landed on the water as well.  
All were Cassin's/Marbled sized alcids.

I also saw a single, very small, white tern working at the 
end of the jetty.  It had a flittery, near the surface flight
pattern, but was too far away to get good descriptive details.

Tide: mid; outgoing
Weather: Wind NW 10-15; Temp 50F         

Common Loon         COLO	
Pacific Loon        PALO	
Red-throated        RTLO
Sooty Shearwater    SOSH	
Brandt's Cormorant  BRCO	
Pelagic Cormorant   PECO	
DC Cormorant        DCCO	
Brown Pelican       BRPE	
Surf Scoter         SUSC	
White-wing Scoter   WWSC	
Black Scoter        BLSC	
West Gull           WEGU	
GW Gull             GWGU	
WxGW Gull           WExGW	
Ring-billed Gull    RBGU	
California Gull     CAGU	
Blk-leg Kittiwake   BLKI	
Caspian Tern        CATE	
small tern sp.
Common Murre        COMU	
Pigeon Guillemot    PIGU	
Rhinoceros Auklet   RHAU	
Marbled Murrelet    MAMU	
Cassin's Auklet     CAAU	


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