Near the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery

Dan Victor dcv at
Mon Jun 18 08:36:01 PDT 2001


This small report is about a week late.  My wife and I birded the grounds
just outside of the Leavenworth Fish hatchery on Sunday morning 6/10.  A
pair of GRAY CATBIRDS were noisy near the first river blind.  Near the
second river blind a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT was singing(?) and visible.
Also singing loudly in a pine tree was a BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK.  On a limb
near him a BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD seemed to finish each of the grosbeak's
songs with it's own peculiar water sounds. A YELLOW WARBLER popped up in
the green foliage.  A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD perched showing his color against
the blue sky. A VEERY landed nearby and seemed to serenade us with it's
beautiful rolling song. Finally a family of PYGMY NUTHATCHES foraged
around us in the pines feeding their young. The pygmy's were life birds
for us.  All in all a beautiful morning.

A little later we were having lunch out on a deck with a view of
Blackbird Island.  My wife said let's go over there.  I replied, nah, the
birds will probably be too high in the trees...

I didn't read that Eastern Phoebe report until we got home.  ;-(


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