Colockum Pass (LONG)

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Thu Jun 21 14:06:49 PDT 2001

Hi Tweets,
Am heading out tomorrow for the east side and like to hit as many spots as I
can.  Would someone give me the general area of Colockum Road?  Am heading
down to our 2nd Annual Meeting of the Seattle Butterfly Group in Dayton but
I always try to see some new country on these trips and new Washington
birds. Thankyou in advance.
Gayle Benton
Orcas Island, WA
gbenton at

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> Hello Tweets,
>   Had a full day of birding yesterday in eastern Washington with Fred
> and Carol Schulz. We spent most of the day driving Colockum Road, where
> leading a field trip, to get a feel for what's there this time of year.
> Colockum Road is an old stagecoach wagon road, and the pass is at 5400ft.
> This road goes through diverse habitat (from sagebrush, to Ponderosa
> to Western Larch and Engelman Spruce, to large Cottonwoods and Quaking
> Aspens), and I think this area is just as good or even better than the
> area.

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