FWD: The passing of Arizona's Wally Paton of Hummer feeders fame.

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Fri Jun 22 12:42:19 PDT 2001

To all birders who have birded Southern Arizona,

I feel this information is worth the cross posting so that those who have
watched the hummingbirds in the Paton's backyard can express their sympathy
to the family.

It is one of our better birding memories: Seeing Wally attending to his
feeders and his kindness of opening the pleasure of his hummers to all.

Great birding and find that next lifer,

John (One of Birders2)
John + Irma = 2, we are birders, too.

John C. LeVine Birders2 at aol.com Los Angeles, CA

"Whatever the reason for this particular bird's presence,
I am delighted to have (it) sharing our bit of earth."

>From David Kline's "Scratching the Woodchuck - Nature on an Amish Farm"


Dear neighbors:

We've just heard that Wally Paton lost his long battle with cancer on
Monday. Over the years Wally and his wife Marion have hosted tens of
thousands of birders from all over the world at their feeding station on the
edge of Patagonia. I know that many of you who have enjoyed the Patons's
hospitality will want to express your condolences to Marion. The address is:

Marion Paton
477 Pennsylvania Avenue
Patagonia AZ 85624

There will be a memorial service, but we do not have details on exactly when
and where and if the family prefers it to be a private service. We will pass
this information on as soon as it becomes available.

With a heavy heart,

Sheri Williamson
Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory
Bisbee, AZ
Personal e-mail: tzunun at mindspring.com
Business e-mail: sheri at sabo.org

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