spotted or barred owl?

Darren Clark dclark9 at
Wed Jun 27 12:23:08 PDT 2001

I've been cleaning up my life list and have a question about a sighting I
made in Washington a few years ago. If anybody could help me out I'd be
very grateful.

In 1992 I was beginning birder. I saw what I thought at the time was a
Spotted Owl on the back side of Mt. Si. (which is near North Bend I
believe). Anyway, the area is a medium sized stand of old growth woods.
Maybe some of you on the list are familiar with the area I'm describing. I
didn't really note specific field marks, other than a large sized, brown owl
with dark eyes and no ear tufts. I'm sure the bird was either Barred or
Spotted. My question is this: Which of those two owls are more likely in
that location? Have people seen either one of those owls at that location,
and if so, which one?

I'd appreciate any help you can give me. You can reply off list.

Darren Clark
Rexburg, ID
dclark9 at

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