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Sat Jun 30 04:39:38 PDT 2001

Bird call mnemonics are tricky, because most people
interpret what they hear a bit differently.

"Officially" the pee-ter, pee-ter call is attached to
Tufted Titmouse, but you make no reference here to
cadence or durations and Tufted Titmouse does not occur
in Washington.

Black-capped Chickdee makes a drawn out, kind of sad
sounding call which I would describe as "deeeee-dooooo"
(NAT GEO describes as "fee-bee") that may be repeated,
but with lots of space between calls.

Ovenbird says "tea-cher, tea-cher, teacher" fairly quickly.

Western Flycatcher makes a slurred pee-weet (like somebody
whistling to get your attention) and part the song is a
"tik, peet, pitik" many people have trouble hearing the first

And if someone else had written this first they would have
given you mnemonic completely different then the ones I've

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> Which bird sings this?? I know I've heard this before and knew which bird it was, but am having a middle-aged moment.


> Thanks in advance,


> Mary Klein

> Seattle

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