White-faced Ibis-review species???

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The most recent checklist from the Washington Bird Records Committee is dated
April 1999, and is on the web at http://www.wos.org/WAList99.htm. The WBRC has
met since then, but they have not yet published their results, so as of right
now the list of review species is from 1999. Please continue to use that list
until the WBRC summarizes their procedings in WOSNews (at which time the web
will be updated).

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> Greetings,

> I am experiencing minor difficulties getting an answer to this question.

> Perhaps someone out there might help me with a question. Is the White-faced

> Ibis currently a review species in this state? A visit to the Washington

> Birds Checklist says yes but that checklist was last updated over 2 years

> ago [April 1999]. I understand that the review status of a species can be

> removed and added to the checklist as info changes, hence my question.


> Good Birding,

> Dave Beaudette

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