FRS radios - Working for a standard

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My only concern is many FRS radio do not have the privacy code option. If a
privacy code is used as a standard all those that don't have the privacy
code option will not be heard. IMHO, a channel is agreed on to meet at and
if the privacy code is to be used it is agreed on as needed.


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> The ABA has put together a working group on birders from around the


> to make recommendations regarding FRS radios. I have been asked to gather

> input from birders in the Northwest regarding a national standard for FRS

> frequency and privacy codes for birders.

> For background information, FRS radios are the small two-way radios

> available in sporting goods stores, with a range of about two miles. Some

> models operate on one or two frequencies, while more expensive models have

> up to 14. In addition, some models allow the use of privacy codes that

> eliminate interference from other users on the same frequency.

> In several areas of the country, birders have established a local standard

> for FRS frequency and privacy codes; these are used primarily when chasing

> rarities. A birder who finds an unusual bird can notify anyone else within


> two mile radius of the sighting, if they both have a radio set to the same

> frequency and code. The advantage of a national (or international)


> is obvious, you could travel to High Island, Point Pelee or Madera Canyon

> and be in touch with other birders in the area.

> The ABA working group will be discussing what that standard should be. I

> would appreciate input from birders in Washington, Oregon and British

> Columbia, so that I can pass it along. It is my impression that there is


> a FRS standard in the Northwest, so that adoption of a national standard

> locally could be relatively easy. Responses could be public or private,


> public responses on Tweeters have the advantage of stimulating broader

> discussion. Please send any input in the next week, I will be gone on

> vacation after the 20th.


> Thanks for you participation.


> Jack Stephens

> Edmonds, WA

> jstephens62 at






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