Eastern Phoebe at Leavenworth - directions?

Greg Toffic greg.toffic at zoo.org
Thu Jun 14 09:20:24 PDT 2001

This is not really specific, but it will get you there. Go west into Leavenworth on Rt. 2 from Rt. 97 (I assume you will be coming from Kennewick) Turn south into town on any street and follow it as far as you can go, then turn west. Find the Katzenjammer Restaurant, and park anywhere near there. Below the restaurant is a foot bridge to the island. The bird calls loudly and persistently. I heard it from the upper street level as soon as I opened the car door.
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>>> "Dennis K Rockwell" <dennis.rockwell at gte.net> 06/14/01 07:17AM >>>

I can't find Blackbird Island at Leavenworth on my DeLorme Street Atlas
program. Would someone please post some specific directions?

Many thanks.

Dennis Rockwell Kennewick, WA dennis.rockwell at gte.net

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