Noisy Sapsucker

Roger rcraik at
Sun Jun 17 12:37:22 PDT 2001

They like aluminum ladders as well.

Roger Craik
Maple Ridge BC

JLRosso at wrote:

> A well timed job lay off has given me more time at home to work on my

> doctoral studies. But our anticipation of sleeping late has been delayed as a

> Red-breasted Sapsucker has decided that a piece of metal flashing on our roof

> is the noisiest spot to drum on. It starts at about 5am. He continues

> throughout the day. Every once in awhile it seems to work as another

> sapsucker flies over and sits on the roof and watches him drill the metal.

> I have watched Northern Flickers do the same thing but I was surprised when I

> realized that this time it is the sapsucker. I have not read of other species

> of woodpeckers claiming territory this way. (I assume it is claiming

> territory - but I have no proof for this hypothesis. And yes, I am going into

> the research part of my doctoral studies. But I will spare you the null

> hypothesis.)


> Jim Rosso

> Sammamish

> jlrosso at


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