Lower Columbia Basin Alert 6/18/01

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise wlafra at oneworld.owt.com
Mon Jun 18 08:15:18 PDT 2001

Hotline: Lower Columbia Basin
Date: June 18, 2001
Phone: 509-627-BIRD
Compiler and Transcriber: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise, wlafra at owt.com


Gray Catbird
Clark's Grebe
Great Egret
albino American Robin
White-faced Ibis, Eared Grebe, Greater Yellowlegs, Bufflehead, Franklin's
Gull, Semipalmated Plover
Ferruginous Hawk, Lark Sparrow, Greater Yellowlegs
Franklin's Gull, Bonaparte's Gull


This is the Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society Bird Alert for June 18,
2001. For questions regarding LCBAS, please leave a message.

To skip the announcement, push the star button on your phone and give your
name, phone number, and sightings after the tone.

On May 29, Ruth Fischer and Laurie Ness found 5 GRAY CATBIRDS along DeMoss
Road in West Richland.

Laurie Ness reported a CLARK'S GREBE on June 4, along the Columbia River.

A GREAT EGRET was seen by Ruth Fischer at the Yakima River near the Chamna
Preserve on June 8.

Mike Fitzsimmons reported an albino AMERICAN ROBIN near the Canyon Lakes
area of Kennewick on June 15.

On June 13, Tom Aversa birded at Kahlotus Lake and observed 15 WHITE-FACED
IBIS with 2 carrying nesting materials. This gives ibis "probable
breeding" status in Washington. There were also 160 EARED GREBES, 1
GREATER YELLOWLEGS, and a pair of BUFFLEHEADS there. On June 15 Tom found
an adult FRANKLIN'S GULL at the Walla Walla Delta and a SEMIPALMATED PLOVER
at the Iowa Beef Ponds.

Bob Woodley reported that the FERRUGINOUS HAWK pair near Horn Rapids have
at least 1 young as of June 16. 2 LARK SPARROWS were also present. He
also found 1 GREATER YELLOWLEGS at the Yakima Delta on June 16.

On June 17, Bill & Nancy LaFramboise found the previously reported adult
FRANKLIN'S GULL plus an additional first summer FRANKLIN'S GULL at the
Walla Walla Delta and a BONAPARTE'S GULL at the Yakima Delta.

To report your own sightings, please give your name, phone number and
sightings after the tone. Thank you.

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise
Richland, WA
wlafra at owt.com

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