Barred Owl at Seward Park

Jack Kintner kintner at
Sun Jun 24 18:37:16 PDT 2001

So, Who Cooks for You?

Again watched while the crows (Northwestern Crows, to be sure) hassled the
Bald Eagles on the bluff just south of downtown Blaine on Peace Portal
Drive. They seemed to fly up behind and then peck the larger birds at or
near the tips of their tail feathers, like counting a coup or touch
football. Didn't seem to do any damage but you could see that it was

The eagle nest near the south-bound on ramp as 543 joins I-5 in Blaine is
still active.

Jack Kintner kintner at Blaine, WA

At 04:53 PM 6/24/01 -0700, you wrote:

>Are Barred Owls being seen or heard in Seward Park in Seattle? Someone

>asked me, and I said I would find out.


>Rachel Lawson


>RachelLawson at


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