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Maureen Ellis me2 at u.washington.edu
Fri Jun 29 10:56:58 PDT 2001

Dear Ones,
I received so many helpful replies to my request for birding while on a
cruise ship going up the 'inside passage' to Alaska. Others have taken
the same Holland America cruise, and even advised exactly where to stand
on the ship to watch while not being blown away by the wind (my family
and I will be taking the "MS Veendam.") I also appreciate the list-of-
birds-to-expect, and having a gift certificate for amazon.com, my copy of
Armstrong's Alaska bird guide will arrive in a couple of days! So, we set
sail on Sept 16th for a week on the water and at several Alaska ports.
Yahoo and Yippee! Of course, I'll probably provide a gushing account of
the birds and wildlife sometime later in September after we return. I'll
alert you properly in the "subject" line so the been-there-done-that
readers can ease on to the next message. I do understand.

Thank you all so much for such generous sharing of information, me2
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