Greater Sand Plover

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Sat Mar 3 21:13:31 PST 2001

At 10:46 PM -0000 3/3/01, SGMlod at wrote:

>I did not have any size comparisons

>with comparable birds (the nearest bird in size being BB Plover), but

>apparently others have seen the sand-plover with shorebirds of similar size,

>and some of those observers feel that the sand-plover looked small for a

>Greater. That is the only source of doubt that I've heard.

I recently saw an article about the Sand Plover from a SF Bay Area
newspaper. One of those expressing reservations about the identification of
this bird is Rich Stallcup, and he was quoted as saying that a Greater Sand
Plover should be nine inches, and this one is only seven. The specificity
of that comment made me wonder if someone had caught and measured the bird,
but I've heard enough stories about Stallcup's abilities in the field that
I'm not about to argue with him. In any case, the article went on to say
that someone had collected a feather from the plover, and it was being sent
off for lab analysis which should settle the question.

Though I don't have that article in front of me, if anyone is interested I
can get the reference.

Rob Saecker
Olympia, WA
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