FYI - Birder Experts Website

Mason Flint masonfl at
Thu Mar 15 10:45:00 PST 2001

I thought some Tweeters folks might be interested in a new website that
has a section on birding. It's basically a place where regular folks can
go to ask questions about any topic - including birding - and get the
questions answered by professional or amateur "experts" in the topic
area. I signed up as "Mark Ashton" (my brother in law's name) so that
questions don't come to my work email address. I know from being on
Tweeters that there are many folks out there with a lot more expertise
than me who might enjoy this.

The home page for the site is at The Birds
section is at . There
is a sub-section for Bird Watching that you can access from that page.

Mason Flint
Seattle, WA

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