Common teal explosion

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Thu Mar 15 10:48:40 PST 2001


Hard for this observer to imagine a population increase causing increased
sightings. Some of the dabblers in northeast Russia (from which,
presumably, some of our birds originated) aren't doing very well--the most
dramatic case is Baikal Teal, which seems to be in a freefall decline and is
found with Eur. GW Teal, in both breeding and non-breeding seasons. I
haven't heard any of any Eur. GW Teal decline in n.e. Russia, (and the taxon
seems as abundant there as our form here), but it would hardly be
surprising, given that a lot of birds there are under real pressure in
recent years.....

We've had many cases of increased observer effort leading to more sightings
of a species or form that beforehand had been thought to be more rare, and
no doubt there will be others in the future. A pending split also makes
Eur. GW Teal sexier for birders trying to decide on how to spend their time.

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>can't speak for the other birds, but there has been one male common

>teal at the montlake fill for more than a year now.




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>On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Greg Toffic wrote:


> > Tweeters,

> > Will anyone speculate as to why there have been so many common teal

>(Eurasian green-winged teal) reported in Western Washington this year? I'm

>aware of at least 6 males seen in the past couple of weeks. One each at

>Edmonds Marsh, Montlake Fill, Gorst Creek, Marymoor Park, and two at Blaine

>Harbor. Have we just been overlooking them in the past? Any explanations?

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