Lost Prarie Falcon in Bothell

Michael Dossett phainopepla at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 22 10:40:50 PST 2001

Hi Tweets,

I was working in my yard this morning when a falcon
flew through the yard with some crows in hot pursuit.
I hopped in the car to follow it, and it landed on a
house about a mile from me.

This bird appears to be someone's lost falconry bird
as it has something mettallic attached to the top of
the tail...I can't tell whether it is a transmitter or
bells...Anyway, If aanyone knows a falconer who lost
his prarie, give me a call.

My number is (425) 402-3790

Also, if someone could please forward this to the
hawk-l list I would appreciate it as I am no longer


Michael Dossett
Bothell, Washington
Phainopepla at yahoo.com

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