Fastballs and Doves

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Tue Mar 27 11:37:38 PST 2001

If anyone really wants to see the incident it's on ESPN's MLB web page. Goto and click on the video tab in the MLB
spotlight box. Real player or avi. You can also see Ken Griffey Jr. pull a
hamstring if you want...

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> I saw it last night on Baseball Tonight on ESPN, and it was tough to

> watch, even for someone who's fairly jaded about such things. The

> bird came in fast from the right (the first time they showed it I

> didn't even see it), and there was no chance to ID it definitively

> without a *lot* of experience with southwestern doves (I have none).

> It was light-colored and small; too small for either a mourning or

> white-winged dove. I believe it was either an Inca dove or a common

> ground dove; I'd need another replay or two to focus on tail length.


> At impact feathers flew in every direction, and that "poof" you

> mentioned was a reasonable characterization -- think of the effect of a

> cherry bomb inserted into a mounted specimen, and you'll have a pretty

> good idea of the visual spectacle.


> Don't be too hard on Randy; there's no way he could have seen it

> coming, and he did seem a little upset by the whole thing. As I wrote

> above, tough to watch...


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> Tweeters,


> I just heard on the radio that former Mariner, Randy Johnson, while


> in pre-season game yesterday, threw a pitch that collided with a dove that

> flew through the projectory of the pitch. This instantly killed the dove,

> sending up a poof of feathers and inhibiting the pitch from even reaching

> home plate. Did anyone per chance catch this on the television? It must

> have been some sight. The odds of this even occuring are staggering. I


> curious if anyone saw/heard what kind of dove this was.


> Michael Willison

> Auburn Wa

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