Nesting Bushtits, hummers, crows . . .

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Wed Mar 28 08:56:26 PST 2001

A few years ago I noticed crow-nest-sized building materials (sticks, etc.)
littering the sidewalk in front of the buiding that is nestled between 4th,
5th, and Yesler. Though I couldn't see a nest, I was convinced that the
crows were trying to build on somewhere on top of the building.

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> Hi John & Tweets:


> I can personally attest that there were crows nesting downtown the spring

> before last, because I got smacked in the head by an adult when I was


> to help keep its prematurely fledged offspring from being run over by


> The crow kid apparently had fallen out of one of the small trees near the

> intersection of 4th & Spring. It still had blue eyes and could only fly a

> few feet. An SUV drove over it when it landed in the street, but the


> had such high clearance that no harm was done. A cabdriver was trying to

> rescue it, and I stopped to help. I tried to grab it when it landed on the

> hood of a car, which was when the one of the adults hit me.

> This is the only time I've noticed a very young crow downtown, but I've

> never looked for them. I suspect that there are quite a few nests there -

> anywhere where there are trees large enough to conceal the nests.


> Ruth Taylor

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> >Does anyone know of crows nesting downtown? I haven't spent any time

> >looking there but will be down this Sunday and am curious about how crows

> >do in the "urban core". We were thinking of monitoring nests this year

> >downtown.

> >




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