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After obtaining specific directions for the owl this
afternoon, I cruised out on the Palouse Highway and
saw the bird.

Here are the directions:

>From the South Hill junction of 57th Ave/Palouse Hwy.

drive approxiamtely three miles south. Once you cross
the hilltop intersection of Willow Springs Rd./Palouse
Hwy. continue down to the base of the hill to Hoffman
Lane on the left hand side. This road has many John
Scott Realty signs along it. The bird was patrolling
the next valley on the right side (east) about a
quarter of mile up Hoffman Lane .

WARNING: Hoffman Lane is posted "Private Road - No
Trespassing". It would be best to obtain permission
to enter this subdivision. Otherwise the views will
probably be quite distant.

Gina Sheridan
Spokane, WA

--- Hans Krauss <wingnuts at> wrote:

> Gene: I felt the same way when I saw the article in

> the paper this

> morning. Are we keeping our sightings secret? Or

> are our premier

> birders asleep at the switch? Possibly they are all

> in Arizona??? :-)

> Hans Krauss, Spokane


> Gene Lynch wrote:


> > I'm amazed that the Spokesman-Review can publish a

> photo of the snowy

> > owl south of Spokane, a bird that's reportedly

> been there for a week,

> > and still there is no mention of it by local

> birders on this

> > listserve. There was an inquiry a couple of days

> ago about the "rumor"

> > of the owl, but no one posted a reply.I'm new to

> the area and have no

> > idea how many birders are active in the Spokane

> area. But, if the

> > newspaper found out about the owl... Does anyone

> have any specifics

> > about the location of this bird? I'd like to add

> it to my fledgling

> > county list. Gene LynchSpokane


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