Spies and Kingbirds

Hal Opperman halop at accessone.com
Mon Nov 19 09:03:52 PST 2001

At 8:25 AM -0800 11/19/01, Mike Patterson wrote:

>It's always been a suspiscious, property rights driven

>world out here in the wild west. Don't argue, say "yes sir"

>answer all questions put to you politely and leave when

>they tell you to.

And have some cards made up at a print shop with your name, full
contact information, and one or more birding credentials. Add a
nice, logo-like picture of a bird if you can. Give them to folks who
ask what you're doing, invite them to contact you if they have any
questions, and thank them for their consideration. It never fails to
defuse the challenge. You may still be asked to move along, which is
fine. Sometimes, though, you might find yourself offered a cuppa
coffee and a chance to explore the back woodlot along the crick.

Hal Opperman
Medina, Washington
halop at accessone.com

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