Rusty Blackbird near Nisqually

georn1 georn1 at
Tue Nov 20 17:18:51 PST 2001

Today around 1245 - 1:00 pm there was an adult Rusty Blackbird in the fields
along Nisqually Cut-off Rd south of the Nisqually Refuge. The bird was in
the large blackbird, starling and crow flock present in the plowed pumpkin
field near the beginning of the road, just past the IFA Nursery Inc. I
believe this bird is an adult male, but the boldness of the buffy
supercillium caused me to wonder. The bird was moistly hanging with Brewers
Blackbirds but there were large numbers of young Red wings that were quite
strikingly marked and could make the search a bit more challenging.
Good luck
Bill Shelmerdine
Olympia WA, georn1 at

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