Whitethroated Sparrow; yard birds

Douglas F Daily dfdaily at juno.com
Sat Nov 24 14:04:55 PST 2001

Dan and Arthur, you've inspired me to put in some extra yard bird
The last two days I've had lots of juncos show up at my black sunflower
so maybe i'll get a white throated sparrow too.

Also the bushtits finally showed up, about 20; 15 black capped
chickadees; a lone female Am. goldfinch; my reliable bewick's wren; and

as I was filling the thistle feeder this morning, a ruby crowned kinglet
flew in, paid no attention to me and went straight into the suet feeder.
Not six inches from me! What a treat.

Later in the day, he showed off his ruby crown which was a beautiful
red-pinky orange. Totally unafraid of me.
I think I'll try and find the patience to get the chickadees to land on
my hand this winter, so I can identify individuals.

Douglas Daily, Patricia Federighi: we bird, therefore we are.
Northgate, Seattle, WA
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