Badtrans virus information

Charles Swift charless at
Tue Nov 27 08:31:17 PST 2001

The virus going around that zapped several inland birders is called
"Badtrans". There is information on the web about it which can be found
pretty easily. This is actually a Trojan Horse type virus which needs to be
executed by the reader but apparently MS Outlook Express may try to open
some attachements automatically (like pictures). There is a software patch
available on the
microsoft web site (www. also the major anti-virus packages
have updated virus defenitions to detect and fix it. It is annoying but
probably not destructive (ie will not delete files etc.) It replicates
itself by replying to unread emails in your mailbox. I believe it only
affects MS Outlook/Outlook Express. The infected emails have a variety of
oddly named attachements. If you get email like this delete it and in most
cases you should be okay.


Charles E. Swift
charless at
Moscow, ID, USA

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