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And here is that second 4-letter bird code list. Send an email to the
tweeters listprocessor Listproc at u.washington.edu and include in the body
of the text only: get tweeters wa-list. It's the state list which also
has all the 4 letter codes after the "real english names." It is in
taxonomic order. I use it as a cross-reference, especially when the code is
not standard, ie Barn Owl, and Barred Owl. These codes are very helpful
when taking notes. No one wants to write out Pacific Slope Flycatcher when
PSFL will suffice. And MODO is great for Mourning Dove. But it's like
learning a new language, so don't use them in a Tweeters post. Not everyone
wants to decipher the language.
Yours, Carol Schulz
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Try this URL. It's from the Federal Bird Banding Laboratory who created the


Greg Toffic

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Hi All,

I am currently building a backyard bird count access database and I want to
include the 4 letter codes for the birds. Is there a method of determining
the correct codes or a reference on the web that I can use?


Ilene Samowitz
Seattle, WA

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