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Tue Oct 2 05:44:06 PDT 2001

Hi Tweeties,

Not a bird question, but a geology question. While driving back home going south on highway 9 Dave and I marveled at the sight of a very RED colored mountain south-west of Mt. Baker. (The tippy-top of Mt. Baker was briefly visible behind the red mountains. Was this "Twin Sisters"? How high is that mountain? IT is so red and appeared devoid of vegetation.

Bird related.....While picnicking after our climb up Table Mountain to take in the dual views of Baker and Shuksin (?) our picnic activities were "cased" by a pair of very bold and beautiful ravens! Could their presence explain why we weren't being pestered by gray jays or Clark's nutcrackers?

Oh, and the reflecting pond farther down was swarming with photographers all aiming at Mt Shuskin. I swear if there were any more there would have been a turf war with tripods wielded as broadswords and film cans hurled as guided missiles.

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