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Tue Oct 2 23:13:30 PDT 2001

> lists Sibley's new book for $31.50 plus tax and shipping.

Genuine local book stores are fast becoming an endangered species.
Spending a little more will improve bookstore habitat and help keep the
people who really know and love books in business, which benefits us
all. By the time you pay amazon's excessive shipping charges, and deal
with all the spam they send you, it's really not that much more
expensive to buy from a real store. If you don't have a good local
bookstore, there's a good chance it's because the big chains have
already clear-cut their customer base. If you absolutely must mail
order, try <> or
<>. Both are northwest natives worthy of
preservation, and both are also excellent local bookstores if you
happen to live in Seattle or Portland!
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