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kate hammill katehammill75 at
Wed Oct 3 12:29:06 PDT 2001

tweeters and Allyn,

I have to respectfully disagree with Allyn. I have always found small book
stores to be just that. Small. I found that they didn't have what I was
looking for, or they ordered only 5 copies and "you just missed the last
copy they had in stock". Or my favorite- you call, they say they have it and
will "put it under the counter", you drive 10 miles through Seattle traffic
(wasting god knows how much time) and they have "no idea" where your book
is. Now of course they can order it for you- if you want to wait WEEKS for
your book.
Or you can go online and choose from a host of book sellers- big and little,
specialty or general, local or across the oceans. They have a far greater
selection, excellent prices, reasonable shipping(if you shop around) and the
wait(usually 3 to 7 days) is far less than if you have a "local" book store
order it for you.

Now I only rant because I think it is great to shop a local small book
seller IF THAT IS WHAT YOU PREFER. But PLEASE don't try to make the rest of
us feel guilty for trying to save a few bucks on an expensive book. But I
think you'll find that like myself most people shop online and with the big
chains because of selection and convenience, not price.
Ok, now I'm done.
(and No, I don't own stock in Amazon) :-)

kate hammill
katehammill75 at
seattle, wa.98103

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