Pileated Woodpeckers Feasting on Dogwood Berries

W. William Woods wwwbike at halcyon.com
Thu Oct 4 06:42:00 PDT 2001

It is a wonderful sight to see our Pacific Dogwood trees (Cornus
nuttali) producing berries again after many years of recovery from the
disease that attacked native dogwoods several years ago. Many of our
dogwoods were killed. Again, the Pileated Woodpecker announces his
presence as he bends the branches and deftly extracts the bright red
fruit. He is accompanied by his mate, who answers his call.
On the other hand, Northern Flickers and American Robins consume the
fruit on other branches, and do not utter a sound. It will not be long
before they have stripped the tree of the clusters of red fruit and
scattered the seed to start the succession of new dogwood trees once

Bill and Erin Woods Woods Tree Farm Redmond, WA U.S.A.
<wwwbike at halcyon.com>

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