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> The Pilchuck Audubon program meeting this month on October 12th at 7:00pm
> the PUD building in Everett will be presented by BRIGHTWATER.  Brightwater
> is the group from King County planning for the new Regional sewage
> plant for King and Snohomish Counties.
> The Brightwater team presented for Pilchuck last April so this will be an
> update since they have now narrowed the site selection to Edmonds and
> Woodenville.  The planning for the new plant has implications for birds
> wildlife in both areas.
> Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.  The Snohomish County PUD
> building is located in downtown Everett at the corner of California and
> Virginia.  Please email or call me  425-771-8165 if you have questions or
> need more information (save your sewage treatment questions for the
> Brightwater team, not me).
> Susie Schaefer, Pilchuck Audubon Program Chair
> Edmonds, WA
> Susie.Schaefer at verizon.net

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