SCJR this afternoon - 10/22/2001

Mike Patterson celata at
Mon Oct 22 17:58:49 PDT 2001

Steve Warner and I hit the South Jetty of the Columbia River
this afternoon at high tide and on the tail of the storm that
came through today. It was actually kind of disappointing.

There was only one shearwater, backlit and unidentifiable,
a few gulls and the (now) usual high numbers of BROWN PELICANS
on the ocean.

Shorebird on the River Beach:
Black-bellied Plover 12
Semipalmated Plover 37
Western Sandpiper 11
Least Sandpiper 16
Sanderling 2
Dunlin 75

A winter adult THAYER'S GULL was also on the beach.

An adult HERRING GULL was at Hammmond Boat Basin viewpoint.
Several hundred HEERMANN'S GULLS were lined up on the boat
basin walkways along with CALIFORNIA GULLS and WESTERNS.

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