Possible Harris's Hawk on Moscow-Pullman Highway

Kelly Cassidy lostriver at completebbs.com
Mon Oct 29 06:17:37 PST 2001

A heads-up for Moscow-Pullman birders: Yesterday, Sunday, Oct. 28, my
friend, George, saw a black bird, which he described as a little smaller
than a Red-tail, perched on a utility pole on the Moscow-Pullman Highway. I
was in the car at the time, but didn't see the bird. (George was driving
and traffic was too heavy to stop.) George said the bird had a cinnamon
patch in the area of either the breast or shoulder. He did not know a
Harris's Hawk had been seen in the Johnson area south of Pullman a couple of
weeks ago. We were about halfway between Moscow and Pullman at the time.

Kelly Cassidy
Pullman, WA

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