[BIRDCHAT] Pacific Breeding Manx Shearwaters? (fwd)

Wayne C. Weber contopus at shaw.ca
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Ian and Tweeters,

If MANX SHEARWATERS have been reported breeding in B.C., it's news to

Wayne C. Weber
Kamloops, BC
contopus at shaw.ca

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> HI Tweeters:

> Is this true? Maybe the British Columbia people can answer this??


> Ian Paulsen

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> Hi all,


> A Manx Shearwater was spotted on a southern California pelagic trip

over the

> weekend. This was a second LA County record. In a discussion of


> provenance, the common theory that the bird migrated south in the


> then came around Cape Horn and migrated up "the wrong ocean" was put


> One participant mentioned hearing that a breeding colony of Manx


> had been located in British Columbia in the past year. Does anyone

have any

> information about that?


> Pictures of the bird are posted on my website.


> Mary Scott

> Long Beach, CA

> maryscott at birdingamerica.com

> www.birdingamerica.com



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