Birds hitting windows

James Duemmel j.duemmel at
Fri Feb 1 07:51:53 PST 2002

Here is one theory I have heard to explain why birds hit windows. The bird
is not attracted by something in the room. Instead it is seeing the
REFLECTION in the window of the surrounding outside environment. Presumably,
if the theory is correct, one can prevent bird-window collisions by mounting
anything outside the window that will break up the reflection the glass can

Some evidence supporting this theory is the fact that I have never heard of
a bird flying into a screen outside a window. Also, the few times I have
been inside a room and have seen a bird fly into a window, I was surprised
by the speed and directness of the bird's flight. Would it be flying so
quickly into an obviously enclosed space, especially one that had a human
standing in it?

James Duemmel
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