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> Tweeters,


> In short-- ROCK WREN sightings are very rare in western Washington

> and southwestern BC, but they can pop up almost anywhere, and when they

> do, are likely to be in rocks or beach logs along a shoreline.


> Wayne C. Weber

> Kamloops and Delta, BC

> contopus at shaw.ca

I have three Western Washington ROCK WREN records, two from Clark
County. The first was from Silver Star Mountain on July 23, 1999 of a
bird carrying food to nestlings in a rock formation. The second Clark
County sighting was on September 12, 1999 on a pile of gravel at a home
being constructed above the Steigerwald Lake Refuge near Washougal.
The third sighting was on a pelagic trip out of Westport that I have
located the notes yet to put into my computer.

Wilson Cady
gorgebirds at juno.com

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