Digiscoping with a Canon S100 - digital elph

Jim & Mary Ronback Jim_Ronback at dccnet.com
Wed Feb 6 23:25:07 PST 2002

I've had some success using a simple adapter for digiscoping with my Canon S100
digital camera and a Bausch and Lomb FL=800 mm scope (folded mirror). It has
removeable eye pieces. The one I use is an 18 mm eyepiece plus an erecting prism.

The telescope is set up on a tripod. In order to align the camera with the scope
through the eyepiece, I've made a short tube from a plastic film canister which I
cut to about 1/2 inch in length. When I'm ready take picture I slip the tube onto
the telescope eyepiece. It is held snugly in the rubber eyeshield (with the shield
folded down). This allows me to slide my camera lens assembly into the tube and
have it rest about an 1/8 of an inch from the eye piece lens. The tube (with some
masking tape around the lip) keeps the camera centered and aligned while I hold it
manually and view the screen on the camera back. I zoom the camera to avoid

Since the depth of field is very narrow on this scope, one should take several
shots adjusting the focus back and forth on the telescope to get one that is truely
in focus even though it looks sharp on the camera screen. This is because the
camera screen has less resolution than what is actually captured in the memory of
the camera. You can always delete the out of focus ones later once you downloaded
them and viewed them on your computer monitor which has higher resolution.

Jim Ronback
Heron stalker in Tsawwassen, BC


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