Vultures in Victoria

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Thu Feb 14 08:25:27 PST 2002

Indeed, I have been tracking the overwintering phenomenon of vultures around
Victoria and posting about it on other e-groups. When I first moved here in
1991, a Turkey Vulture after November was exceptional and reports were met
with some scepticism. However, over the last five years, overwintering vultures
around Greater Victoria have become somewhat regular, with anywhere from 3-5
birds in the general region. Particularly over last three years, the number
of individuals has increased (and they have been reported on most recent Victoria
CBC's). This winter there were at least 12 Turkey Vultures (possibly 15 or
more) around Greater Victoria, with the greatest number over Esquimalt Lagoon
and Royal Roads area. I have seen between 4-9 birds there every day since early
An interesting trend no doubt due to a combination of factors (increasing population,
mild winters, etc.)...However, mid-February is also the beginning of migration
for this species, so there may be some overlap with northbound migrants from
just south of border.

David Allinson
President, Rocky Point Bird Observatory
Victoria, BC

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