N. Mockingbird in Olympia

Jason Paulios jpaulios at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 14 20:22:45 PST 2002

This morning at about 10:40 Kristen Stewart knocked on my door and told me
she had just seen a Northern Mockingbird as she drove down State Street in
near downtown Olympia. It flew across the road in front of her and she
quickly tracked it down in the shrubs on Fir St between State and 4th.
After she saw it she came to get me since I live nearby, but we couldn't
relocate (we only searched for about 10 minutes).

On a related note to downtown Olympia, I've noticed many more Scrub Jays
lately. It seemed like they dissapeared this winter (unlike last winter in
which we found something like 6 in the Eastside alone!). On my recent walks
I've noticed at least four in the Eastside area again. Good to see and hear
them around. Now let's find that Mockingbird!!

Jason Paulios
Olympia, WA

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