Northern Hawk Owl

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Thu Feb 14 18:10:11 PST 2002

A couple that hosted - tolerated? - many of us last winter as we clogged Stein and Delta Line Roads in Whatcom County watching that fairly tame Northern Hawk Owl is getting married on Monday. Shirley Scallin and Gary Winroth are tying the knot at 4:00 p.m. at Blaine's Marine Park. Their house is a cream and maroon double-wide directly opposite the east side of the woodlot where the Hawk owl perched for much of last winter.

It's a private ceremony, but as a way of saying thanks to them for their generosity last year in having so many birders around, and especially if one of the birders was you, could you send them a card? Their address is 8720 Delta Line Road, Custer, WA 98240. It would be fun for them to get a lot of cards from all over. They don't know that I've made this request, but for postage and a little time you can make their day. If you know of others who made the trip to see that bird or if you're a lurker on this website, spread the word.

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