Eurasian Wigeons

Valerie Anderson valerie62266 at
Mon Feb 18 14:15:37 PST 2002

Hi again Tweeters,
The NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD is still at its hang-out in Olympia as of 11:00 am
Also, from my window at home, I have been watching a pair of wigeons hanging
out with a single ring neck duck. I have always assumed they were American
wigeons, but today, looking more closely, I believe it is a pair of EURASIAN
WIGEONS. We used three different reference books to help us identify them
(Sibley's, National Geographic and Audubon's Encyclopedia of North American
Maybe this is no big deal, but its a first for me and its fun having them
virtually in my back yard (just outside of West Olympia). A pair of Hooded
Mergansers and several Buffleheads are also floating around. And our
neighborhood sharp shinned hawk is watching from above while the little
birds are hiding....Anyone in the Olympia area who would like to come have a
look, just let me know.
Valerie Anderson
Olympia, Washington
mailto: valerie62266 at

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