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Friday, February 15, 6:12 AM. Hi, this is Tom Aversa at 782-7342.
Yesterday I birded parts of Skagit and Snohomish counties. The main
highlights were a couple of PRAIRIE FALCONS. One was just south of the
Bayview-Edison, Sammish Island Road T. It was actually at the intersection
of Sullivan - an adult.
There was a second PRAIRIE FALCON at Stanwood at Eide Road. Also at Eide .
Road there was a flock of 300 GREEN-WINGED TEAL that included a COMMON TEAL
and an intergrade - both males. Also a WESTERN SANDPIPER there.
Up north on the Sammish at the silage pile, the WILSON'S WARBLER was still
alive. It was evidently surviving feeding on the silage. It came out and I
watched it feeding for awhile. There was also a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW

Friday, February 15, 8:05 AM. Paul Hicks here, (360) 264-2462,
reporting for Saturday - this is an old report - February 9. But on the 9th
in Hoquiam at the Sewage Ponds, I did see a TUFTED DUCK. I have not heard
any reports of this and it was very easy to see in the southwest corner of
the ponds - right there near the sewage treatment building on the logs with
the associated SCAUPS.

Sunday, February 17, 10:07 PM. This is Peter Kline, (206) 523-1937. I
just want to report seeing a male MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD while birding with Steve
Birdsall and Kraig Kemper Saturday, February 16. The location was just north
of Josh Wilson Road out in a field - maybe 300 yards north of the road. This
field is approximately a quarter to a half mile east of the intersection of
Josh Wilson Road and Duff [?] Road.
We also birded, at about 11 o'clock, the silage piles that are just south
of Allen
West Road and we noted that the WILSON'S WARBLER and the WHITE-THROATED
SPARROW were still there. Also there was a flock of greater than 30 REDPOLLS
overhead at one period and there were at least a half dozen MEADOWLARKS
about 200 feet north of the silage piles just on the road coming in. Good
luck and good birding.

Sunday, February 17, 11:13 PM. Hi. This is Stephen Mlodinow. I was out
on pelagics from Westport on Saturday and Sunday. Overall number of birds
was pretty slow - worse on Saturday. The highlight was a THICK-BILLED MURRE
in alternate plumage some 20 plus miles off of shore seated in a flock of
People birding on shore over the last couple of days have reported the
DUCK remains at the Hoquiam Sewage Ponds. The BAR-TAILED GODWIT remains at
Tokeland and the EMPEROR GOOSE remains in the Raymond to Bruceport area in a
couple of different locations. There was also an EARED GREBE at the Westport
Marina on Saturday and a RUDDY TURNSTONE on the Westport Jetty today. That's
it. Good luck and good birding.

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