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Tue Feb 19 17:56:56 PST 2002

Hi Tweeters,

I was in my extended back yard this weekend, Cavanaugh Ponds in Renton, and across the Cedar River got to see a pair of White Fronted Geese. Being a sort of newer birder they were a first for me. Beautiful geese. They were with a bunch of Canada geese and a strange goose that superficially looked like a Canada but with major differences. Legs and feet orange, about 20 to 30% larger than the Canada's. Overall coloring similar to Canada but neck and head more brownish than black. The cheek patch was very large, oval and dirty tan-white color. Lateral corner of the eyes nearly touched the patch. The bill was dark with a pink "strip" near the tip and if I remember right (my notes are at home and computer here...) a white ring around the base of the bill. It also had a whitish eyebrow that met the cheek patch. It was associated with one of the Canada geese and very aggressive toward any who came near. Could it be a hybrid? The orange legs and feet made me think not, but I don't know what traits are dominant.

I would appreciate any comments.

I would like to know what it is that "gets" the Pine Siskins. I have forgotten if bacteria or virus, but a couple people have asked lately on Tweeters and I haven't noticed any online response.


Kathy Andrich
Renton, WA
kjandrich at

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