Help for a visitor

Yvonne Bombardier ravenn at
Wed Feb 20 21:39:48 PST 2002

Hi all,
I have a friend from Arkansas who will be visiting the Seattle area for
four or five days the middle of March. He's hoping to get out and do a
little birding while he is there. I believe he is especially interested in
the Skagit and Sammish Flats. I was wondering if anyone could please give
me a complete trip list instead of just highlights for the next few weeks.
He has never birded the Pacific Northwest area before and so even Chickadees
and Jays are of interest. He will be staying with relatives in North
Seattle. I told him about the Olympia Mockingbird but somehow he just
wasn't interested.

I will be giving him my Delorme and Birdfinding Guide and whatever help I
can offer. Have there been any sightings of Snowy Owls this season on the
west side?

Yvonne Bombardier
Conway, AR
ravenn at

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